Győr Distillery and Refinery Co. Ltd. has been producing bottled products since 2013. Currently, we sell several millions of liters of these products in domestic retail chains. We constantly develop our distributed products and we also test them on a regular basis in our laboratory in Győr.

Győr Distillery establishes the same high requirements for all of their products, including bottled products, in accordance with the guidelines of environmental management system of ISO 9001 and ISO14001.

The primary activity of our company in this field is the bottling of car-related liquids and products of high alcoholic content.

The raw material of our windscreen washer liquids, is exclusively the alcohol produced at our Győr facility.



4GO! Winter windscreen washer liquid -22°C

Grey ice, icy precipitation, slushy projections? 4GO! will stand the test of bad weather.
Drive comfortable and safe even in winter road conditions! Available at OMV filling stations.

4GO! Summer windscreen washer liquid

Summer night on the highway. 4GO! will efficiently dissolve sticking bugs and make the view clear again.
Drive comfortable and safe even in changing road conditions! Available at OMV filling stations.


FlassX Winter windscreen washer liquid -19°C


W5 Winter windscreen washer liquid -19°C


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