Pharmaceutical Industry

Our strategic market is the pharmaceutical industry. We offer ethyl alcohol, fermented from sugar beet molasses and cereals and rectified for the pharmaceutical industry. Our alcohol products fully comply with the requirements of pharmaceutical industry (Ph.EUR.; USP).

Chemical Industry

Several divisions of the chemical industry are based on our rectified alcohol products as feedstock of high importance. By complying with increasing quality requirements, we offer alcohol of high analytical purity for our Partners producing cosmetic and household cleaning products; paints; solvents; disinfectants; packaging materials; car cosmetics products; nitrocellulose; ethyl acetate; etc.

Food Industry

We offer ethyl alcohol, fermented from sugar beet molasses and cereals, and rectified for the food industry. Our high-quality products of agricultural origin are excellent for the production of spirit drinks and flavorings of premium quality.


It is an increasing demand from consumers that food consumed should not harm health and should not contain any foreign material, substance. By seeking environmental-friendly opportunities to supply nutrients – by also taking presented aspects into consideration – we tend to use plant remains, directly or after appropriate transformation (e.g. composting).

Bottled products

Győr Distillery and Refinery Co. Ltd. has been producing bottled products since 2013. Currently, we sell several millions of liters of these products in domestic retail chains. We constantly develop our distributed products and we also test them on a regular basis in our laboratory in Győr.


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